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Mere Dad Ki Maruti

Haaay Lyrics from Mere Dad Ki Maruti sung by Panjabi Mc, Manake. This Bhangra song is composed by Sachin Gupta & Written by Kumaar. and is Picturized on Saqib Saleem, Rhea Chakraborty, Ram Kapoor. and directed by Ashima Chibber. Mere Dad Ki Maruti Releases on Mar 15, 2013.

Lyrics : Haaay
Movie : Mere Dad Ki Maruti
Music Director : Sachin Gupta
Singers : Panjabi Mc, Manake
Lyricists : Kumaar
Genre : Bhangra
Music Label : YRF Music

Haaay Lyrics

Dil karda ni mera barekaan loun nu Dil karda ni mera barekaan loun nu Tainu kol bithaun nu,Change the track turn up the sound Change my gear lets go round Don’t say that thought you was down Haaay.... Iss pe saare marte....(Haaay) Iss pe pyaar karte....(Haaay) Eh te sadke jaayiye....(Haaay) Ennu kiddan manaiye....(Haaay) Eh taan sab to soni....(Haaay) Oh Lagdi badi manmohni...(Haaay) Eh taan sab ton sohni....(Haaay) Edaan di hor ni honi....(Haaay) She’s sexy right....(Haaay) I’m feeling that.....(Haaay) She’s sexy tight......(Haaay) I’m feeling that....(Haaay) You feeling that....(Haaay) I’m feeling that....(Haaay) Iss pe saare marte...(Haaay) Issi ko pyaar karte....(Haaay) Take a drive in the sunshine,Look at this city it’s all mine I got the big doh on it..And the ladies wann it It’s the capital city,So beautiful not nitty gritty I put my foot down on it,Mohali cronic Pound for pound,Now we’re racing with some clowns Put your arms up for the clouds Girl, have no doubt (Haaay)...She’s sexy right (Haaay) Am feeling that (Haaay)...She’s sexy tight (Haaay) I’m feeling that (Haaay)...You’re feeling that (Haaay) I’m feeling that.....(Haaay) Seat utte baithi kudi naal mere jud ke Rocket bani challi eh hawa vich udd ke.. Oho o.. Meri gaddi badi bhaari.. Oho o.. Eh taan lagge sab nu pyaari.. Oho o.. Meri gaddi badi sohni.. Oho o.. Meri gaddi badi sohni.. Oho o.. Oh gaddi tej bhaja la,Oh gaddi tej bhaja la Hawa vich udaala..Oh gaddi tej bhaja la Gaddi tej bhaja la,Oh gaddi tej bhaja la Hawa vich udaala...Oh gaddi tej bhaja la Haaay...Iss pe saare marte (Haaay) Iss pe pyar karte (Haaay)..Eh te sadke jaayiye (Haaay) Ennu kiddan manaiye (Haaay)..Ek taan sab ton sohni (Haaay) Oh Lagdi badi manmohni (Haaay)..Eh taan sab ton sohni (Haaay) Edaan di hor ni honi (Haaay) She’s sexy right (Haaay)...I’m feeling that (Haaay) She’s sexy tight (Haaay)..I’m feeling that (Haaay) You’re feeling that (Haaay)...I’m feeling that (Haaay) Iss pe saare marte (Haaay)...Issi ko pyaar karte Dil karda ni mera barekaan loun nu Dil karda ni mera barekaan loun nu Tainu kol bithaun nu barekaan loun nu Dil karda ni mera barekaan lonn nu

Haaay Video Song

Haaay Video Song

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