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» » Halkat Jawani Lyrics

Halkat Jawani Lyrics & Song – Heroine

Halkat Jawani Lyrics from Heroine Movie. and sung by Sunidhi Chauhan. This song is composed by Salim, Sulaiman. Lyricist by Niranjan Iyengar. Halkat Jawani is a Item Number Song. and is Picturized on Kareena Kapoor.

  • Lyrics : Halkat Jawani
  • Movie : Heroine
  • Heroine Photos
  • Music Director : Salim, Sulaiman
  • Singers : Sunidhi Chauhan
  • Lyricists : Niranjan Iyengar
  • Genre : Item Number
  • Release Date: Sep 21, 2012
  • Views : 1761
  • Updated On : Jun 08, 2012
3.0/5 based on 25 Ratings

Halkat Jawani Lyrics

Aaja aaja aaja.....aaaa aaja

Aaja zara sarak le...Girle zara behak le
Saiyan zara chalak lee....Haye
Aake moh se lipat le
Tedha zeher hai yeh issse naa kar chedkhani

Life ki naughty kahaani
Yeh halkat jawanii....yeh halkat jawani
Meetha yeh namkeen paani
Yeh halkat jawani......yeh halkat jawani
Life ki naughty kahaani
Yeh halkat jawani......yeh halkat jawani

Aa aa, choron ki neeyat halaal kare
Arey basti mein daily bawaal kare
Haii.....chhoron ki neeyat halaal kare
Basti mein daily bawaal kare
Item bana ke rakh le.....haii
Chakhna bana ke chakh le,Aankhon ko kyun seke
Haathon se kar manmaanii......

Life ki naughty kahaani
Yeh halkat jawani....yeh halkat jawani
Meetha yeh namkeen pani
Yeh halkat jawanii......yeh halkat jawani

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