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Khelenge Khelebge Ham Lyrics from Iqbal sung by Sukhwinder Singh. This song is composed by Salim Suleman, Himesh Reshammiya, Salim Sulaiman, Sukhwinder Singh, Kedar Sarosh & Written by Subhash Ghai. Iqbal movie stars . Iqbal Releases on Jan 01, 2005.

Lyrics : Khelenge Khelebge Ham
Movie : Iqbal
Music Director : Salim Suleman, Himesh Reshammiya, Salim Sulaiman, Sukhwinder Singh, Kedar Sarosh
Singers : Sukhwinder Singh
Lyricists : Subhash Ghai
Genre : N/A

Khelenge Khelebge Ham Lyrics

ho ho ho....... divane divane ham ho ho ho, mastane mastane ham ho ho ho khelenge khelenge ham ho ho ho, jitenge jitenge ham ho ho ho ho ho ho....... khel ke maidan me khelenge, har aandhee ko jhelenge har nahee maanee jab dil ne ho ho ho... har nahee maanee jab dil ne jit ke bajee ha jit ke bajee le lenge, jit ke bajee le lenge khelenge khelebge ham, jitenge jitenge ham ho ho ho....... kuchh kehna nahee kuchh sunna, kuchh sunna nahee kuchh kehna kabhee girna kabhee toh uthna, hain uthna toh phir kya jukna khauf nahee jab jine me toh ho ho ho khauf nahee jab jine me toh maut se phir kyon ho ho ho maut se phir kyon darna khelenge khelebge ham, jitenge jitenge ham - (2) patthar pe bottle tutee toh patthar huwa nashila mera nasha meree manjil hain kahe ustad rangila suraj kee tarah hain dehakna, jadu kee tarah hain bikharna kismat kee tarah hain safarna, khushiyo kee tarah hain bikharana girna bhee toh aisee ada se -2, jaise girey koyee jharna divane divane ham, mastane mastane ham khelenge khelenge ham, jitenge jitenge ham

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