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Nis Din Barsat Nain Hamare Lyrics from Bhakt Surdas sung by Mainder, Saigal K L. This song is composed by Gyan Dutt & Written by Dina Nath Madhok. Bhakt Surdas movie stars Khursheed, K L Saigal, Nagendra, Monica Desai. Bhakt Surdas Releases on Jan 01, 1942.

Lyrics : Nis Din Barsat Nain Hamare
Movie : Bhakt Surdas
Music Director : Gyan Dutt
Singers : Mainder, Saigal K L
Lyricists : Dina Nath Madhok
Genre : N/A

Nis Din Barsat Nain Hamare Lyrics

nis din barsat nain hamare - (2) sada rahat bavas ritu hampe - (2) jab se shyam sidhare - (2) nis din barsat nain hamare - (2) akhiya dhundh thaki man thakayo - (2) chalat chalat pag hare, surdas ji akhiya dhundh thaki man thakayo -2, chalat chalat pag hare sur shyam bhatako mat dar dar kholo man ke dvare - (2) kholo mann ke dvare kholo man ke dvare

More Lyrics from Bhakt Surdas Movie

Lyrics Singer
Maiya Mori Main Nahin Maakhan Khaayo Saigal
Naina Re Dekhe Unake Nain Khursheed, Khurshid
Madhur Madhur Ga Re Manava Khursheed
Madhur Madhur Ga Re Manawa Khurshid
Nain Hi Ko Rah Dikha Prabhu K L Saigal
Nain Hin Ko Raah Dikha, Prabhu Saigal
Jholi Bhar Taare La De Re Khursheed
Dinase Duguni Ho Jaaye Ratiya Saigal
Kadam Chale Aage Mann Pichhe Bhage K L Saigal
Chandanee Rat Aur Tare Khile Ho Khurshid, K L Saigal
Madhukar Shyaam Hamaare Chor Saigal
Nis Din Barsat Nain Hamaare Saigal
Jholee Bhar Tare La De Re Khurshid
Din Se Dugunee Ho Jaye Ratiya Hay K L Saigal
Rain Gayi Ab Huwa Savera K L Saigal
Sar Pe Kadam Kee Chainyya Muraliya Baje Ree K L Saigal, Rajkumari
Kadam Chale Aage Man Paachhe Bhaage Saigal
Panchhi Bawara Chand Se Prit Lagaye Khurshid
Panchhi Baavara Khursheed
Sar Pe Kadam Ki Chainyya Muraliya Baaje Ri Chorus, Rajkumari, Saigal
Chaandani Raat Aur Taare Khile Hon Khursheed, Saigal
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