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Prem Yeh Hai Prem Lyrics from Yeh Hai Prem (Album) sung by Milind Ingale, Shikha. Yeh Hai Prem (Album) movie stars . Yeh Hai Prem (Album) Releases on Jan 01, 1900.

Lyrics : Prem Yeh Hai Prem
Movie : Yeh Hai Prem (Album)
Music Director : N/A
Singers : Milind Ingale, Shikha
Lyricists : N/A
Genre : N/A

Prem Yeh Hai Prem Lyrics

aag se jale naa, jal se bujhe naa hawa se ude naa, tufaan se dare naa dil aur jaan me, jamin aasmaan me naam hai jiska saare jahaan me prem yeh hai prem prem hai puja, prem hai shaktee prem hai jyoti nayee anubhutee prem hee sur hai, prem hee bhaasha prem jivan kee hai paribhaasha prem yeh hai prem prem hai radha, prem hai krishna prem milan kee anbujh trishna prem lagan hai prem tapasya prem bina hai duniya me kya prem yeh hai prem prem karo prem

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Lyrics Singer
Main Tumhe Haa Bas Tumhe Milind Ingle
Mai Tumhe Ha Bas Tumhe Chaaha Karu Milind Ingale
O Priya (jaane Kaisa Bheega Bheega) Milind Ingle
Jach Gayi Milind Ingle
Chhui Mui Si Milind Ingle
Kabse Tera Hai Intezaar Milind Ingle
Saawan Hain Madbhara Milind Ingle
Meri Juliet Meri Sahibaan Milind Ingle
Chhui Mui See Tum Lagatee Ho Milind Ingale
Yeh Hain Prem Milind Ingle, Shikha
Meree Juliet, Meree Sahibaan Milind Ingale
Turu Ru Ru Milind Ingle
Jaha Bhee Dekhu Aaye Najar Too Hee Too Milind Ingale
Jach Gayee, Jach Gayee Milind Ingale
Kabse Teraa Hai Intejaar Milind Ingale
You Are The One Milind Ingle, Shikha, Milind Ingale, Shikha
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