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Saanvariyaa Dekh Zaraa Is Or Lyrics from Sardari Begum sung by Arti Ankalikar. This song is composed by Vanraj Bhatia Sardari Begum movie stars Amrish Puri, Smriti Mishra, Rajeshwari, Kiron Kher. Sardari Begum Releases on Jan 01, 1996.

Lyrics : Saanvariyaa Dekh Zaraa Is Or
Movie : Sardari Begum
Music Director : Vanraj Bhatia
Singers : Arti Ankalikar
Lyricists : N/A
Genre : N/A

Saanvariyaa Dekh Zaraa Is Or Lyrics

Saanvariyaa Dekh Zaraa Is Or Yuun Naa Aankh Churaa Chitachor Saanvariyaa Dekh Zaraa Is Or Main Huun Sajanaa Pinjare Mein Gaati Mainaa Tuu Ban Kaa Hai Mor Saanvariyaa Dekh Zaraa Is Or Tuune Baandhaa Kaise Dhaage Se Mujhako Tuute Naa Ye Dor Saanvariyaa Dekh Zaraa Is Or

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